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Virtual Assistant1

Virtual Assistant Service

Building a sustainable business with all the changes happening like remote working, flexible working hours is becoming a challenge. A virtual assistant become a must for a lot of startups, small, medium and even big companies. This need is enforced by the flexibility of contracting since you can get only the services that you need within your package.

This service is one of the best choices to opt for to save your money, time and reduce your cost.

There is no standard package to offer or a fixed price, each package will be dedicated to the customer needs in term of services included and duration.

Virtual Assistant4

Proposed services examples

  • Managing Trips: car rental, Flight and hotel booking,…
  • Managing Emails: organizing the received emails by importance and reply to the urgent ones(as per the agreement).
  • File editing: Edit files and convert it to any required format.
  • Data entry:
    • Add new records to the system.
    • Delete unnecessary records.
    • Compile data.
  • Research: Do research about any required subjects, and generate a report or a presentation.
  • And Much more…